Product Market Fit: Part 1 – The Problem

To be honest, I have avoided writing a post on product-market fit for a long time.   Apart from the fact I’m not a multi-exited founder who has ‘found’ product-market fit numerous times, there’s something I don’t like about #pmf.   Apart from my main contention that we should be referring to it as “market-product … Read more

Why do you bother with startups?!

Enjoying this content?  Sign up to receive it in your inbox each week When people ask me what I do and I reply that I run a market research consultancy that does ‘market research for startups’, I am often met with the this kind of response… “Why do you bother with startups?” Seems that this … Read more

Catfood brand proposition development

Objectives Test potential brand propositions and provide feedback to develop further into final version Sample Cat owners (aka cat parents) Location UK & US Method Online survey + online qual community Outcome Audience research was utilised to provide feedback on propositions and how they might be developed to optimise appeal among different types of cat … Read more

Developing frozen meal delivery service

Objectives Understand key motivations for purchasing from new frozen food delivery service Refine target audience Develop insight into how the service could be developed further Sample Current customers Location UK Method Customer interviews + online qual community + website survey Outcome Research highlighted the true value of the service and provided valuable feedback to motivate … Read more