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Because every organisation deserves great consumer insight...

...we have developed Customer IQ



The benefits of lockdown?

Our first published report summarises key findings from our research into the benefits of life under lockdown. 76% of the UK adults we surveyed agreed

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We provide insight that will transform your organisation that is (a) affordable and (b) easy to implement

All organisations need consumer insight.

Better understanding of consumers means better products, services and better forms of communication.

It means more success in achieving objectives. 

But insight is expensive, difficult to buy and can be hard to implement. 

Well, that is until now…

Our key product:
insight reports

Customer IQ delivers regular consumer insight reports on a range of relevant subjects that you can purchase individually or through a subscription. Pricing information is available here

Each report contains findings, recommendations and ideas based on fresh qual and quant research.

Designed for marketers and leaders in start-ups and growth-minded SMEs, use Customer IQ for: 

  • New ideas: our reports are full of new ideas for services, products, markets and target customers
  • ‘Insight culture’: encourage your organisation to have consumer-centric discussions and decision-making
  • Develop your skills: provide insight as a tool to develop your teams and in-house skills
  • Influence clients and stakeholders:  with fresh consumer research and insight

We also produce a range of other products – free How-to guides and services to help you implement and manage your customer research programme. 

The C-IQ Team

Associate researchers

We use trusted and highly experienced Associate researchers when we need to bring in particular skills and experiences. Interested in becoming an Associate? Then drop us a line.   

Gideon Barker

Insight Director

Gideon has 20+ years experience in the market research industry and set up Profundo Research and Insight in 2010. You can book a chat with Gideon by clicking here.

Meet the team

Customer IQ was created and is managed by Profundo Research & Insight, an independent research agency based in the UK


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