eat. sleep. RESEARCH.

We help Founders make brilliant, evidence-based decisions. We do this via customer research, the insights it uncovers and the increased understanding we deliver (aka Customer IQ).

Through tried and trusted research techniques, we provide brilliant customer insight to Founders and startup teams who are challenging the stalwarts in their markets.

By asking the right questions to the right people, we build their Customer IQ, helping them develop bigger and better brands, products and services.

Oh, and we’d love to do that for you too .

What we do...

helping hands

You're doing DIY research but you need help with certain tasks? Find out how we can help

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We'll coach you through the process of carrying out your own DIY research and insight

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customer discovery REPORTS

Off the shelf reports you can buy to help you really get under the skin of customers and audience

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From design --> delivery. A fully managed research project that directly answers your objectives

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What clients say...

meet The founder...

Gideon Barker

Insight Director with 20+ years of experience in the research industry and a genuine energy for insight

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