Our mission: equip Founders and startup teams with amazing customer research and insight, empowering them to build success

Being a Founder is everything.

You’re finally able to get working on your brilliant idea.

You’re making progress daily, learning huge amounts as you go and meeting amazing people along the way.

Your belief is strong.

You wish you’d done this years ago.

There are mountains to climb but you’re ready to take them on.

But it can also be really tough.

Not all days feel amazing.

Truth is, the majority of startups fail. 

The odds are against you from day one. 

You are taking on unfamiliar challenges like:

  • Achieving product-market fit
  • Developing the right value proposition
  • Building the best products and services
You just need a little help?

Through tried and trusted research techniques, we rapidly provide brilliant customer insight to Founders and startup teams to give them more clarity over how to achieve success.

By asking the right questions to the right people, we build up their Customer IQⓇ, making it far easier to make the right decisions at the right time.

We’d love to do that for you too .

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What we do...


An off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box insight project, rapidly delivered using our tried and tested process. Great for customer discovery.


More tailor-made research design to answer your specific objectives, fully managed by our senior team. Ideal for product-market-fit.


We'll coach you through the process of carrying out your own DIY research and insight

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You're doing DIY research but you need help with certain tasks? Find out how we can help

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Our work...


Oven-ready quant

Online survey
£ 7,499
  • 14 day turnaround
  • n=2,000 UK sample
  • Use for: customer discovery
  • Value prop development
  • Market sizing

Oven-ready qual

Online community
£ 7,999
  • 14 day turnaround
  • n=20 UK sample
  • Use for: customer discovery
  • Vale prop development
  • Product development

Bespoke project

Tailor-made research design
  • Objective setting session
  • Bespoke research design
  • Follow-up support, use for:
  • Product-market fit
  • Multi-objective projects


Coaching & support
£ From 199
  • For DIY researchers
  • Coaching & support
  • Ensuring project success
  • More details at:

"Price is what you pay. Value is what you get." - Warren Buffett

Wait, there's more...

All of our clients get access to our team of experts for free support and advice for their customer research needs…

  • Unlimited
  • Forever

All clients gain access to our VIP lounge to be the first to hear about events, offers and product launches.

We offer a 100%, no questions asked, money-back guarantee (except any external costs we have accrued) for anyone not 100% satisfied with their purchase.

meet The founder...

Gideon Barker

Insight Director with 20+ years of experience in the research industry and a genuine energy for insight

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