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Levelling the playing field by giving founders access to high-quality customer research and market insight

Running DIY research?
Gain the knowledge and the confidence to make it count
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"The structure was perfect, bite size and in a way that allowed you to build a meaningful set of actions..."

About us...

We know that being a startup founder brings a huge sense of achievement...

Your startup has massive potential

You've put a great team in place

You're making quick strides

You're ready for what lies ahead

But also a very real sense of fear...

You're stuck in the 'valley of despair'

You're unsure which advice to follow

Product-market fit is way off

You're making decisions blindfolded

Ready to take the blindfold off?

Customer IQ delivers customer and market research to startups


To bring a greater sense of achievement to startup founders through better understanding of markets and customers. Delivering more confidence, more inspiration and more ways to reduce risks in building their business


We offer a range of products and services from training / coaching through to competitor analysis, market sizing, customer validation, product testing and bespoke research projects to fit your objectives


We are supported by, and proud to support:

Startup 2 Standup

A learning, ideas and solutions exchange for founders

Focused for Business

Making equity fundraising faster and fairer for all


Supporting under-represented entrepreneurs

Future Space

Facilities and workspace for high-tech entrepreneurs


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Meet the founder...

Gideon Barker

An Insight Director with 24+ years of experience in the research industry