I’ve just taken a free trial of Crunchbase, oh wow!

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OK, so in the context that I find all types of data really, really interesting (quant, qual you name it) then let me indulge myself by telling you about my first experience of getting to play with Crunchbase.


I had been meaning to find a good source of business data for a while and I didn’t pick Crunchbase lightly. I like to thoroughly check out the options, even before committing to a free trial!


In my searching, I found Crunchbase to be one of a few options which published their pricing (which looked reasonable) and had the promise of the kind of data I needed. Mainly I was looking for data to help me with prospecting but also I can see (and am much more excited about) it giving me lots of great content ideas.


Of the other good options available, I’d suggest Prelo, which I have subscribed to before and is great as you can cancel anytime without the 12 month commitment.  Also, check out Scribe, which appears to have more info on investors (but I can’t vouch for that!).


I was disappointed by Beauhurst, Pitchbook, Inven, Dealroom in that they didn’t offer any published pricing. This really niggles me. 


Anyway, back to the data! So much data to look at, where do I start!? Let’s look at pre-seed and seed funding for UK-based companies. 


In May 2024,  54 UK-based companies received pre-seed/seed funding. 

A reasonable amount (?) until you compare that to 95 in May 2023, 111 in May 2022.


Also concerning… this figure is down from 84 in April this year and 93 in March.


Maybe fewer deals but larger amounts per deal? I won’t know that until I can export the data. 


And where is that funding going? Still to AI and Blockchain? Seemingly so, but this is where I would like to do further analysis and pull out more insight. 


Watch this space!


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