Customer IQ (formerly Profundo Research & Insight) is a research and insight agency based in the Bristol / Bath area.

We focus on working with Founders and startup teams to better understand their potential customers, in order for them to find greater levels of success.

We offer research and insight products and services that can help our clients to develop their products, services and brand through a ‘test and learn’ approach.

We recognise that research and insight is a vital tool for any Founder and startup business. But it is also:

Often too expensive to be a realistic input. 

We therefore provide a range of products and services, helping those who prefer the DIY approach, through to those who need a managed service.

Difficult to implement.

So we stick around and help our clients to incorporate research findings and fresh insights into their roadmap. 

We are learning all the time how we can provide more value to Founders by listening and responding.

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Gideon Barker

Founder and Insight Director

Jan 2023


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