Customer IQ (formerly Profundo Research & Insight) is a research and insight agency based in the Bristol / Bath area.

We would describe our business as a ‘customer consultancy’, helping clients to better understand and therefore service their customers and potential customers. 

Following a rebrand in February 2021, the business was further developed to tackle, head-on, some of the challenges within the industry. Namely:

  • The ‘insight-adoption-gap’, where new insights are not fully implemented by a client. We find the responsibility for doing this falls through a gap between researcher and client, perhaps due to a lack of clear communication, understanding, confidence and skillset. We are working hard to close this gap with crystal clear recommendations and lots of follow-up activity.
  • Research and insight are difficult to purchase. There are 000s of suppliers and making the right purchase decision is very tricky. We help clients to work through this process in a careful and considered way.
  • Research and insight is expensive. This is rarely necessary and we commit to offering high levels of value for the work we produce.
Gideon Barker


Founder and Insight Director

Feb 2021


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