How to do customer interviews (really well)

One of the most amazing and fundamentally game-changing tools a startup founder can use to develop their idea and build a great business? 聽 You guessed it… the customer interview. 聽 Now it can be a time-consuming drag when it doesn’t go so well and you’d rather go build your mvp. Or, seen another way … Read more

Test before take-off

Just before you read this, I’d like to point out that it’s very easy for someone like me to write an ‘I told you so’ post after a new product launch hasn’t gone well. I am not the one who has put time and emotion into this product and suffered sleepless nights over its delivery. … Read more

It’s not simply about cost, right?

Since I decided to specialise in offering market research for startups, I’ve spent a lot of time listening. I’d worked with a number of startups, scale-ups and small businesses in the past when Customer IQ’s offer was much broader but felt I needed to spend time listening more than talking (ie. selling). 聽 Listening is … Read more

Product Market Fit: Part 1 – The Problem

To be honest, I have avoided writing a post on product-market fit for a long time. 聽 Apart from the fact I’m not a multi-exited founder who has ‘found’ product-market fit numerous times, there’s something I don’t like about #pmf. 聽 Apart from my main contention that we should be referring to it as “market-product … Read more

Free research tools for free insight

If you were to ask me (so maybe you’ll decide not to), you would find I am utterly dismayed how the research industry (the one I’ve been in for 24 years) has massively under-served the startup community. The access to research for startups is poor. Market research has been very much developed for the corporate … Read more