Wanna see my tech stack?

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As a founder of a service-based business (albeit one that’s busy with productisation), I often drift into wondering what it might be like to start a tech business.


Tech is where it’s at, tech gets the bulk of investment, tech is the future.


But what is the definition of a ‘tech startup’?


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tl;dr: I use around 40 different tech tools to run my business – does this make mine a ‘tech business’? Most of these tools are essential to operating efficiently to deliver a great service.


For me, a ‘tech business’ is a business that creates and builds new technology.


But this is a bit of a loose definition – I notice many tech businesses whose tech is often not much more than a website.


Is Customer IQ a tech business?


Not in the sense that I build tech, but yes in the sense that I use and rely on tech to deliver my work.


This then got me thinking about how much tech I use, in effect what’s my tech stack.


(I know this isn’t exactly what is meant by ‘tech stack’ but I thought it might be interesting to share with you the kind of technology a solopreneur B2B service business might use).


Wanna see my tech stack?


This will now turn into a bit of a listicle but I’ve sectioned it into various themes for you:


📋 Research tech:

  • Alchemer – survey scripting, hosting, online reporting
  • Purespectrum – survey participants
  • Qualzy – my go-to for online qual
  • Loops, Incling, Indeemo, Lookback – online qual platforms I also use
  • TagCrowd – wordcloud, analysis of text data

🤖 AI tools:

  • Otter – auto transcribing
  • ChatGPT – I have used it, more as a research assistant, but using it less and less
  • Adobe FireFly – image generator

✍️ Design:

  • Google slides – my go to for slide decks
  • Visme – trialling as an alternative for slide decks
  • Canva – use it for design, social media posts
  • Elementor – web page builder
  • Noun project – icons

🤝 Bus dev:

  • Pipedrive – CRM
  • Hypefury – social media scheduling/ engagement (actually just lapsed my sub as it’s mainly for Twitter/X and I’ve just decided to focus on LinkedIn).
  • Planable – likely I’ll revert to this for post schedulin

📢 Communication:

  • Slack – team Comms
  • Zoom, Google meet – video calls
  • Cex – refurbished smartphones

✅ Productivity:

  • Gsuite tools – email, spreadsheets, docs, cloud storage etc
  • Calendly – meeting and interview scheduling
  • Notion – so much! Lists, project management, second brain storage
  • Siteground – web hosting
  • WooCommerce – e-commerce
  • PayPal, stripe – online payments
  • Docusign – contracting
  • Eventbrite – event management
  • Seatfrog – train tickets
  • MailChimp – email design/ distribution
  • Loom – video production
  • Masteriyo – online course building
  • Itsettled – credit control

😀 Personal:

  • Audible, Spotify audiobooks – E-learning
  • Calm – Wellbeing
  • Minderful – all round wellbeing

Ok wow, I’ve counted up around 40 services there. Clearly takes a lot of tech to run a non-tech business.


And what I like about this list, looking back at it, is that I’m not bound to one piece of tech.


Take the example of online qual platforms. 99.9% of the qual I do is now online and I really like the flexibility of being able to offer clients different options, depending on what they need. As these tools operate on a PAYG model, not a saas model, it also really works as a way to keep operating costs low.


Any thoughts or questions on any of this tech, let me know by replying to this email.

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Thanks for reading 😉

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