Digitalisation for SMEs made easy – in conversation with Joe Stallion (Solvi Solutions)

Do you recognise the need for ‘digitalisation‘ or ‘digital transformation‘ within your business? Would you love to start automating your sales and marketing process? So, where do you start? Google search will give you myriad pages to find ‘the best tools’ and ‘foolproof ways to success’. YouTube is awash with young entrepreneurs who have ‘smashed … Read more

Understanding gamers’ purchase journey

Objectives Identify key ways to increase audience engagement with specific PC gamer segments Understand the purchase journey of key customer segments when buying PC peripherals Sample PC Gamers – recruited to match specific client segmentation criteria Location US (remote online) Method Online 5-day mobile ethnography study Outcome Research uncovered insights around the needs and motivations … Read more

Skills gaps and shortages in TV production

Objectives Identify current skills-related issues affecting the UK’s ‘High-end TV ‘industry To identify opportunities for [client] to continue to positively impact the industry Sample Senior professionals in high-end TV Location UK Method Individual depth interviews with online pre-screening survey Outcome Research uncovered insights revealing the key challenges and needs of those managing TV production, from … Read more

Challenges and opportunities for cinema advertising

Objectives Examine the outlook for cinema advertising in the context of the wider advertising market Identify new opportunities for the cinema medium Understand the performance of the [client] offer against agency/client needs and expectations Sample Media planners and buyers Cinema advertising clients Location UK Method Individual depth interviews with online pre-screening survey Face to face … Read more

Identifying routes to growth for a charity

Objectives Understand and profile key audiences and segments Identify drivers of and barriers to supporting [client] Identify levers to long-term loyalty and relationship with [client] Understand brand perception, brand health and potential stretch Sample Charity partners and supporters UK consumers (regional focus) Location UK Method Focus groups Individual depth interviews Online survey Outcome The presentation … Read more

Marcoms development – proposition and creative testing

Objectives To understand more about the potential audience for [client] by creating a set of segments with full profiling including needs and motivations To test potential brand propositions and creative routes in order to understand the pros and cons of each, the response to creative and propensity to engage key consumer segments Sample UK consumers … Read more

Exploring the ‘gap’ between higher education and industry

Objectives Understand the challenges, opportunities and benefits of the relationship between HE and the screen industries Sample HE course leaders Senior industry professionals Location UK Method Individual depth interviews with online pre-screening survey Outcome Research findings were presented back in a series of one-day workshops between HE leaders and industry professionals in order to illuminate … Read more

Size matters, right?

How big should my sample size be? That excruciating inadequacy. The feeling you don’t quite have enough to satisfy. Of course, the good thing about sample is you can always increase the size with a little extra budget. But is it really necessary? One common question I am asked by clients is “how big should … Read more

Where do marketers network online?

As well as giving us a crisis of global proportions, coronavirus has actually gifted us a number of things (plug alert: read more about that here). An obvious one is a shift towards flexible working patterns. Remote video meetings have been an incredible tool (yes, I know we’re all a little Zoomed-out), not least because … Read more


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