Guided coaching for your DIY customer / ux research

You know that solid customer research will help your startup develop.

#CustomerDiscovery – understanding customers’ pains, needs, motivations, triggers will help you build a product that they cannot live without.

Testing and learning from regular customer feedback will give you vital input to successfully develop your product. 

But buying in research from an agency is not an option for your startup at this point in time.

You’re pre-investment? 

You’re bootstrapping? 

You’re building traction before seeking investment to scale?

If so, budget for market research is hard to find.

DIY research is potentially a good route, but it's an option which carries some risk.

It’s a bit daunting? Confusing?

You’re not sure where to start?

You don’t have enough time or resource to dedicate to it?

Or maybe you’ve started but you’ve hit a roadblock?

But what if...?

What if… there was a way to ensure smooth progression of your customer research?
What if… there was an independent and objective stamp of approval of this work to satisfy Angels, VCs, investors and stakeholders?
What if… there was a way to bring in the agency experience without the agency price tag?



We coach you alongside a cohort of fellow founders. 

A maximum of 5 founders per cohort. 

We’ll guide you through the process, step-by-step to ensure a successful outcome.

A full month/ 2 months of support including:

  • Weekly: 2-hour group training session
  • Weekly: 2-hour group coaching, Q&A session
  •  Continuous support via online chat

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