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How to run a research project (FREE)

Thursday 6th April 2023 @ 2pm UK time

Founders! Join Gideon for a 30 min run through of all the basics of running your own research project. 

Come away with: 

  1. Confidence to run your own projects
  2. Knowledge of all of the required steps
  3. Insider know-how of how to do it

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A Founder's Quest for Free Insight

A 30-minute exploration of the free insight tools available online. 

  1. Access a list of tried and tested FREE insight tools
  2. Experience 3 tools with live results
  3. Be inspired to start your own search for insight

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Founders' Playbook for Buying Research

30 minutes of me taking you through the process of buying research from a supplier. 

Learn to:  

  1. Find and select the right research supplier for your needs
  2. Brief your supplier and set objectives which deliver success
  3. Ask key questions to ensure you get max value

Click the image or click here to watch on YouTube.


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