Size the problem, validate your idea and map your market for fresh insights

So you have an idea, or an early stage business?

For you, the essential elements of market research are:聽


An estimation of your TAM (Total Addressable Market), vital for developing your business model, go-to-market strategy and to evidence you know your market when you come to speak to investors.

We pull together existing data to build a rigorous estimation of your TAM, or where the data doesn't exist, we can run a market survey to provide what's missing.

Competitor mapping

Spotted a gap in the market? It's unlikely you'll be operating in a market without any competitors. Understanding who they are and how they're positioned will help you to spot where the opportunities lie.

We are building a library of competitor mapping reports (visit the shop for more info). Don't see your market? Let us know and we can build it for you.

Idea validation

Testing your idea and your various propositions early on with potential customers can be a game-changer in terms of understanding the level of interest and the likelihood to pay for a new product or service.

We deploy market level and/or highly targeted surveys in both B2C and B2B to find the right people to test your ideas and propositions.

Target audience identification

Identifying the right target audience for your business is incredibly important but not necessarily a walk in the park. Understanding who they are and how best to target them is a perfect job for research.

We can use surveys or qualitative research - or ideally a mixture of the two - to really understand who your target audience is and how you can best target them.

When you're ready...

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