The most sycophantic blog post we’ve ever written? Without doubt. And unashamedly so. We love marketers (there, we’ve said it again).


Let me break this down a little.

A great marketer is an incredible asset to any organisation…

They create value.

They build brands (often from scratch) which can (eventually) be worth millions of £s in brand value. Even those organisations which don’t reach this level of financial brand value will be judged by investors, potential employees and customers according to the appeal of their brand.

They influence everything.

Marketers stretch their reach across their entire organisation. Great marketers are literally connected to every department – product development, production, distribution, sales, finance, HR. Upstream marketing influences product development, commercial marketing creates tools and strategies for salespeople to perform at their peak. Econometric modelling can show how marketing creates ROI and impacts the bottom line.

They are super-skilled.

Great marketers have a vast array of skills, which are needed to deploy their influence widely across an organisation. Sure, you get specialist marketers (strategic, creative, digital etc) but consider for a moment the skills and attributes required to make a great marketer:

  • Critical thinking to craft and develop sound brand and marketing strategy
  • A craving to further understand customers and consumers; their behaviour, needs and problems
  • The ability to critique and progress creative work
  • The commercial nous to identify genuine opportunities
  • A brain that understands analytics 😐
  • Communication and influencing skills which can work with the Board and the shop floor
  • The ability to see into the future

So now you see why we love marketers and why we have developed Customer IQ, especially for marketers and especially for marketers who work in startups and growth-focused SMEs.

High-quality, affordable research and insight that can be easily applied to create impact.

We hope they love it ❤️