Customer Discovery reports

The what

High-quality market research and audience insight for start-ups and SMEs without the high price tag

The why

You need more understanding of customers and audiences...

  • What really motivates them?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What needs are not being met?

So you can better engage with them

So you can develop better marketing, products and services

But searching online for research rarely gives you what you need

And buying market research can be tricky and expensive

We’ve been thinking the same thing…

…so we developed Customer Discovery reports

Brand new pieces of market research that focus on a specific audience or a chewy research question

We design and carry out the research, then deliver a report and  presentation

You pay a fraction of the cost compared to commissioning your own research project 


The how

Our process ensures we only produce the research that our customers want to buy

There are 4 steps…


Browse through the ideas we’ve come up with that we think would make great Customer Discovery reports

You’ll see a range of ideas and you can filter on tags that are relevant to your organisation

Have an idea you’d like to add? Great, email us with the details.


See some ideas you really like? 

Why not support them?

Supporting an idea will help it progress to the next stage of the process

You can support ideas by adding them to your basket and completing check-out (supporting an idea costs nothing)


When an idea has been supported 10+ times, it progresses to the pre-purchase stage

We’ll get in touch to discuss full details on scope and method and get your input

Are you in? Then you can buy the report at a special early-bird price


Once we have a pre-purchase commitment from 5+ customers, the report moves into full production 

We will carry out the work and deliver it to you within approx. 4 working weeks 

We will provide a pdf report, a slide deck and online presentation to your team

The wow


How will Customer Discovery reports benefit you and your organisation?

You will discover new ideas

Our reports are full of new ideas for services, products, markets and target customers

You will develop an ‘insight culture’

With access to insight, you can encourage your organisation to develop more customer-centric decision-making

You will increase your influence 

Fresh customer research and insight will open up more opportunities to positively influence strategy and open doors to new conversations with clients and stakeholders

The what next?

Start at step [1] and browse our ideas for new Customer Discovery reports

Or download one of our free reports

Any questions? Get in touch and we’ll provide the answers