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Just before you read this, I’d like to point out that it’s very easy for someone like me to write an ‘I told you so’ post after a new product launch hasn’t gone well. I am not the one who has put time and emotion into this product and suffered sleepless nights over its delivery. So my heart goes out to those who’s heads may be spinning right now and hope the future is brighter.


The AI Pin has launched to what can only really be described as ‘lacklustre’ reviews. Some of the reviewers really didn’t like it. 

But it IS very new and it IS trying to do something very different to everyone else. 


But is it right? And is it right for right now?


It’s true – asking people what they want is a shortcut to nowhere. People don’t know what they want (was that Steve Jobs’ thought?) but they can tell you about the problems they’re suffering, how this makes them feel and how they currently go about finding a solution.


That might give you enough understanding to help develop a product or solution for right now. But what about the far future?


That’s where AI Pin is operating – in the future. But they still need to build something that people need and want right now.


Someone or something should have informed the team that this product was not right; not ready for right now. 


Were they under pressure to deliver something this year? Maybe. But this something has really shot them in the foot. 


As I type, the Rabbit R1 has started to get compared much more favourably. 


The AI Pin v1 might be a dodo but hopefully they are taking the learning into v2.


So failures are part of the journey, and they can even pave the way for future success. But when the level of poor reviews starts stacking up, it’s a clear sign that something might have gone awry.


And that’s where research steps in.


Think about it: a little bit of research along the way could have saved a lot of headaches down the road. Imagine taking the time to gather feedback, test  early prototypes, and validate before going full steam ahead. 


I recently stumbled upon a great article by Sequoia Capital (yes, I seem to be referencing them a lot lately), which highlights the importance of finding the right path to the future. According to them, your idea might be heading in the wrong direction if you haven’t nailed down that elusive product-market fit.


So, what are your thoughts? What could that research have revealed for AI Pin? Maybe it would have uncovered unknown issues or revealed a better way to position the product. Perhaps it would have shown that the target audience wasn’t read to adopt.


The bottom line is this: testing before you launch isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a necessity. So, before you send your startup soaring into the stratosphere, take the time to test, iterate, and refine. Your future self will thank you for it.


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