Digitalisation for SMEs made easy – in conversation with Joe Stallion (Solvi Solutions)

Do you recognise the need for ‘digitalisation‘ or ‘digital transformation‘ within your business? Would you love to start automating your sales and marketing process? So, where do you start? Google search will give you myriad pages to find ‘the best tools’ and ‘foolproof ways to success’. YouTube is awash with young entrepreneurs who have ‘smashed … Read more

Podcast #2: Interview with Melissa Fretwell (White Camino)

The second-ever podcast from Profundo 🎉 For this one, I have been chatting to a friend and client, Melissa Fretwell. It’s full of useful advice and thoughts to take home with you – a worthwhile 20 minutes of your time for sure.   Melissa is a highly experienced marketer – see her Linkedin profile – … Read more

The benefits of lockdown?

Our first published report summarises key findings from our research into the benefits of life under lockdown. 76% of the UK adults we surveyed agreed that “There were some benefits to life during the coronavirus lockdown period”. But what were these benefits?  And how can these insights be used by organisations to develop new ideas … Read more


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