Because we believe every organisation deserves great customer insight

...we have developed Customer IQ reports

Delivering you £5,000 worth of consumer research and insight for £299 +VAT


Single report

One-off purchase
£ 299
per report
  • Purchase of a single Customer IQ insight report
  • Prices start at £299 +VAT
  • Pre-order discount available

6 months

Subscribe to next 2 reports
£ 250
per report
  • 6 month subscription - you receive the next 2 reports, one every quarter
  • You pay £500 +VAT every 6 months
  • Cancel or upgrade your subscription at any time

12 months

Subscribe to next 4 reports
£ 225
per report
  • 12 month subscription - you receive the next 4 reports, one every quarter
  • You pay £900 +VAT annually
  • Cancel or downgrade your subscription at any time

The detail

Customer IQ repots deliver regular consumer insight reports on a range of relevant subjects that you can purchase individually (from £299 +VAT) or through a subscription. 

Each report contains fresh qualitative and/or quantitative consumer research. Added to the analysis, key findings and recommendations, the reports are would cost around £5,000 if commissioned as a project.

Designed for marketers and leaders in start-ups and growth-minded SMEs, use Customer IQ reports for: 

  • New ideas: our reports are full of new ideas for services, products, markets and target customers
  • ‘Insight culture’: encourage your organisation to have consumer-centric discussions and decision-making
  • Develop your skills: provide insight as a tool to develop your teams and in-house skills
  • Influence clients and stakeholders:  with fresh consumer research and insight

We also produce a range of other products – free How-to guides and services to help you implement and manage your customer research programme.