[IDEA STAGE] The Truth About What Gen-Z Want From Employer Brands

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What will this report cover?

The problem

Your employees are the very life-blood of your business. A brand’s success hinges on its ability to hire the right people into the right role. Of course, brands also need to allow and encourage employees to perform at their best.

But what do they want and how can you attract the very best?

You’ll have heard about the different needs and motivations of the Millennial cohort compared to Baby Boomers and Generation X. But now Generation Z is entering the workforce, employers need to re-think and prepare for a new workforce with their own very specific wants.

Are you ready? If you’re not ready, you can bet your competitors are and will get ahead by hiring the very best of the Gen-Z wave.

The solution

Understanding this audience is the key to being ready to recruit them into your business. Our proposed new piece of research will give you this understanding.

Our research will fully examine what Gen-Z are looking for from an employer brand. Naturally, this is even more crucial given we’re in the wake of a global pandemic.

We will answer questions such as:

  • What kind of brands are they attracted to?
  • What kind of roles will they desire the most?
  • How do they wish to be remunerated?
  • What kind of working arrangements will they look for?

With this knowledge and understanding, you can fully prepare your brand – its positioning, processes and people – to welcome in Gen-Z and fully integrate them into your workforce.

Based on fresh qualitative and quantitative insight, our research will go way beyond the plethora of articles claiming to provide the level of insight you really need. Our insight will be based on the highest quality research with fresh insight created by senior professionals.

We’d love to carry out new research into his area.

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