Podcast #2: Interview with Melissa Fretwell (White Camino)

The second-ever podcast from Profundo 🎉

For this one, I have been chatting to a friend and client, Melissa Fretwell. It’s full of useful advice and thoughts to take home with you – a worthwhile 20 minutes of your time for sure.


Melissa is a highly experienced marketer – see her Linkedin profile – and has been running her own agency, White Camino, since February 2020. Better still, Melissa relocated to Ibiza to set up her agency. A great move not simply for the better weather, food and lifestyle, but also because of the way that the pandemic is going to make remote working much more feasible and more typical over the coming months and years. Melissa is clearly ahead of her time.

Obviously COVID-19 brings its own challenges to starting a new agency but we don’t dwell on this. Instead, we discuss…

  • The importance of ‘brand’, particularly to smaller business and companies of one.
  • The importance of insight (obvs!).
  • Her style, approach and the process of working with White Camino.

Take a listen, let me know what you think.

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