Frequently Asked Questions

Topics will be decided in advance and will be timely and topical. We also allow subscribers to upvote their preferred topics. From launch (Sept 2020) we feel that the following topics would be relevant and important:

  • What Consumers expect in a post-Covid world
  • Consumers and Sustainability
  • Creating a strong employer brand

You can sign up to our mailing list to be kept in touch about topics and also give your feedback.

Prices are available on our pricing page .

We want to make Customer IQ as accessible as possible and we recognise that the price of consumer research is often out of reach of many. Therefore we offer a range of packages which will hopefully fit all needs.

The subscription plans will be as flexible as possible, meaning you can sign up for 6 months or a year. 

Longer subscription packages will receive a bigger discount but we plan to make all options very reasonably priced so that Customer IQ is in reach of as many organisations as possible. 

We will deliver consumer research to you using both quantitative and qualitative methods. 

Sometimes, depending on the topic, there will be more quant or more qual but we will ALWAYS include fresh consumer research so we can offer you new findings and insight.

Customer IQ is managed by Profundo Research & Insight, which in turn is operated by Gideon Barker. Gideon has 20+ years experience in market research, having spent time working in research agencies and client-side roles. 

Customer IQ will also bring in subject and research experts where necessary. These are trusted Associates who are all very experienced and have huge value to offer. 

You can see Gideon’s Linkedin profile by clicking here

Currently our focus is on the UK. However, once we build the service we will look to expand into new markets. 

Are there particular territories you are interested in? If so, drop Gideon a line and let him know. 


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