Don't survive.

Regular customer feedback at the very moment of customer experience.

Are your feedback forms buried in your back-office?

Do you email out satisfaction surveys long after the customer experience has been forgotten?

What would you do with a regular stream of in the moment customer feedback?

  • Spot ways to improve your customers’ experience?
  • Motivate and develop your team?
  • Get ahead of your competitors?

Very few organisations are collecting customer feedback right now. 

Very few of those are using this feedback for any of the things outlined above. 


Busy people? Don’t know where to start? Haven’t seen the opportunity? Worried by what they’ll hear?

We’re going to change this. 

We’re going to give independent businesses the competitive advantage of customer insight, allowing them to thrive and not just survive. 

We need for c.10 organisations (like yours!) to sign up as beta testers for a new customer feedback programme. For free – nothing to pay while we’re in beta phase. 

Just click the button below to enter your details into the short survey and we’ll be in touch to arrange your welcome call to answer any questions and get you set up. 


Most frequent questions and answers

We are looking to help independent businesses and organisations set up a customer feedback loop which will start to bring in useful data and insightful feedback to help them improve and develop their business.

We’re testing out the idea at the moment, and are looking for a minimum of 10 businesses to take part in a pilot scheme which will run for about 3 months up until September 2022.

Good question. Many of you will already know your customers, talk to them frequently and understand what they want. But, in our experience, you’ll be totally surprised by what you’ll learn when you allow customers to feedback anonymously and you also get feedback from the customers who you know less about, who you talk to less often – but are still really valuable to your business. Give it a try, what do you have to lose?

Nothing. Nada. Not while we’re in the test phase (approx 3 months until September 2022). We will set up the surveys, provide the printed materials and pay the £50 prize draw each month for customers who take part. We will fund it fully while we are exploring the value it will bring to you.

We are a market research company, based in Bath and have been trading for around 12 years (we used to be known as Profundo Research & Insight). Gideon Barker is the Founder. Our mission is to help small, ambitious businesses to harness the power of great customer feedback!

We’re inviting local, independently-owned businesses in the UK. We don’t want big businesses as we feel they have these kinds of resources in place already. Our mission is to help David take on Goliath. 

Honestly? No catch. If the test phase goes well, we will look to roll this out more fully and provide a range of options for local businesses. This will likely be from free through to a regular monthly subscription at a fair price. 

Simply click here or on any of the red buttons on this page to complete a short survey to capture some key details.

Or you can contact Gideon to have a chat. 

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