Back story: market research for startups and SMEs

The idea which ultimately became Customer IQ came to me a couple of years ago, but it was thanks to the 2020 coronavirus lockdown period – a period of little paid work and a lot of time to think – that I was able to develop it fully. 

It was born out of the frustration of how inaccessible good research and insight can be for many, many organisations. Often the organisations which need it the most. In my time running Profundo Research & Insight, I’d been helping a number of clients to commission research for the first time. They recognised the need but in practice it wasn’t easy for them. Buying research is a difficult journey for a typical startup or SME with a mindset for growth.

Why so? Well, it’s expensive, difficult to understand, full of jargon and has no clear purchase journey. We (the MR industry) do not make it easy.

So there was an inherent need for affordable, high-quality and easy to implement research. I identified the key target as marketers and leaders in small, growth-focused businesses.

After some initial very useful conversations, I figured the best delivery of this would be regular insight reports which are relevant, have impact and are also digestible (no 100 page reports thank you!).

“Customer IQ” was born.

Roll on a few months; more conversations, an initial report on the benefits of lockdown, more conversations, figuring out pricing and subscriptions, working out how to build an online shop and developing a sales funnel and we’re ready to go.(Admittedly, the shop’s shelves are not fully stacked – they will take time to fill up). 

So there we are, I am determined to make it a success (feedback welcome!) and I thank you for reading 😉