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5 Things #007 🤵

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There are just 20 days until the release date of the next James Bond caper, No Time To Die.

So it feels pretty appropriate to make 5 Things #007 a James Bond special!

Erm. So what does that entail exactly? Well, here are 5 things which are very loosely associated with Bond.

5 things that are very (very) loosely-associated with James Bond.

1. Ray-Ban Stories.

In Spectre, James Bond wore Tom Ford sunglasses.

Another brand of sunglasses is Ray-Ban, and they have just launched ‘Ray-Ban Stories’.

Eh? Well, these are smart sunglasses that cleverly take video/audio that you can upload to social media.

Early feedback from the LinkedIn crowd suggest some tricky privacy issues ahead.

Read the TechRadar review
B Corp

2. Sneakers made from coffee.

James Bond famously drinks Vodka Martinis – shaken, not stirred.

Espresso Martinis are made from coffee.

As are ‘Rens’ sneakers.

A world 1st from Finland

Find them on Kickstarter
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3. Diversity in stock imagery.

James Bond is a hero-figure to many but can you imagine him working in your office?

Goodness, the guy would properly p1ss people off I reckon, with all of his violent antics and endless banter.

Type in “office” to any stock image site and the results will likely show images that are overwhelmingly of white people.

Nappy.co is here to fix this with “Beautiful photos of Black and Brown people, for free”

Go to Nappy.co
4 Day Week Global

4. Take note of emotional reviews.

No Time To Die is likely to be a big hit – not least because we’ve been waiting 18 months longer to see it.

But will it surpass the $1,108,569,499 income of Skyfall?

One way to find out is to look at the level of emotion in the reviews it receives.

A study featured in the BPS Digest suggests that the level of emotion in movie reviews is a better predictor of success (in terms of $s) than star-ratings.

Read more about the study here
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5. Fox News doesn’t like Socialists.


The Rock was a great movie from 1996 starring Sean Connery (obvs an ex-bond) and Ed Harris. Harris starred in a movie called Gravity in 2013.

6 years ago, Gravity Payments decided to pay their employees a minimum wage of $70k. Fox News went wild!

Find out what happened next…
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