Why we love marketers 💕

The most sycophantic blog post we’ve ever written? Without doubt. And unashamedly so. We love marketers (there, we’ve said it again). Why? Let me break this down a little. A great marketer is an incredible asset to any organisation… They create value. They build brands (often from scratch) which can (eventually) be worth millions of … Read more

Do you have a research topic?

We ensure our insight reports are as relevant to our customers as possible. Therefore we need your input! What would you like us to research next? What burning topics do you have? Drop us a line: gideon@profundo.co.uk to let us know.

Write survey questions like a pro!

Creating clear, unambiguous survey questions is a genuine skill and is something which can have a huge impact on the quality of data you collect and therefore the decisions you make as a result. With our free guide “How to write survey questions like a pro” we give you the inside knowledge with practical hints … Read more


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